MagicJack Voicemail Fix

About 4-months ago we canceled our home phone service from Vonage. Over the past months I’ve noticed that with 5 people in the house, we really do need a home phone… with the most paramount reason being 911 service.

magicjackLast night I picked up a MagicJack for $39.99 at Staples. The price includes your first year of phone service, and every year after that is $19.95 for the year (there’s an offer during the setup process of MagicJack that offers 5-years of phone service for $59.95, too).

I had an old PC sitting around so I set it up it in my basement, and ran a single phone wire to my living room. We have an AT&T multi-handset phone with an answering machine, so it allowed me to run only a single phone wire from the MagicJack to the phone’s base and have a total of 5 phones in the house. I connected the PC to my network and installed the MagicJack into a USB port. The MagicJack software launched, walked me through the process of getting a phone number, it also asked for my name and street address for 911 Service, and I was done in 5-mins. The software alerts you that it will take 1-hour for your phone number to be turned on, and that you’ll receive an email once it’s complete. After 10-mins or so I called my new MagicJack phone number and it was already turned on. On a side note, I never received the confirmation email.


MagicJack comes with the services we all use… call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, 3-way calling, and voicemail. The first thing I noticed is that you cannot turn off the voicemail feature; which if you’re like me you have a digital answering machine to handle messages. The problem is that in order to by-pass the MagicJack voicemail, you have to set your answering machine to pickup after only 2 or 3 rings, which can be an inconvenience. So after 20-mins or so of fumbling with the voice-promoted voicemail settings, I ventured to a few forums and learned that the MagicJack voicemail cannot be turned off… but there is a solution. You have to trick the MagicJack software into thinking the voicemail is off, and here’s how:


  1. Locate the MagicJack folder on your computer: C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR NAME\Application Data\mjusbsp
  2. Delete the 2 files named big.skn and small.skn
  3. Restart your MagicJack software Your MagicJack software will now look different, and you’ll have new features that you couldn’t see with the former skins.
  4. Click on the “Transfer” option.
  5. In the field where it says “Number” enter your MagicJack phone number. Yes, you are forwarding the calls to your own phone number.
  6. Under “conditions” at the bottom check the button “on no answer for” and right after that put 20 sec. in the box.
  7. Click OK to exit and save.


When your MagicJack software restarts you’ll have the original skin back. Now try calling your phone number and your answering machine will pickup instead of your MagicJack voicemail!